Snowdrops at Wicken Fen

I have been doing a lot of writing and a lot of walking. Hardly a day goes by when I’m not out in the windy fens trying to get my thoughts sorted and, let’s face it, trying not to get blown into the nearest piece of water.

Today was no exception and the open spaces of Wicken Fen were being scoured by a frisky 28 mph blast determined to take my hat and drop it into the Lode. Nothing like it for blowing away the headache I’d woken up with. There was a harsh and brutal beauty to Sedge Fen as we crossed it on the board walk much like our Bronze Age ancestors would have done. Unlike them, however, we had the cafe and a cup of ‘writer’s friend’ awaiting us at the end.

The upshot of all this walking is that I’ve done a lot of planning and I’ve made a decision to make 2019 my make or break year in terms of finding out whether I can actually do this writing thing. My first step was to face my fears and start submitting.  I set up a ‘Submissions List’ and got on with it. So far it’s resulted in three online publications and the feeling of achievement has been immense.

I’ve also been in contact with The Literary Consultancy and now have a mentor for the next year. A measure, I think, of how seriously I am now going to take things. I’m already half-way through my first 10,000 word submission.

Alongside this, because I can never do one thing at a time, I’ve been working on my short fiction with the Unthank School of Writing‘s ‘Short Story Masterclass’ and I’ve been completely enlightened!

Off to Foyles tomorrow for the ‘How to get Published’ day and I’m taking two notebooks.

More of that next time.


Welcome to my new web site! It’s far from perfect, so please bear with me while I continue to learn how everything works.

Over on the Blog this month you can read about how the decision to set myself a reading challenge for 2019 got blown out of proportion. What can I say? If I have even half an idea I tend to run with it.

Alongside this challenge I shall be continuing to work on my novel, The Drummond, in the hope that I’ll have completed the next round of edits by mid-February. It’ll then be sent out for a manuscript assessment.


As a bit of fun I made a cover which I’m using for now because it makes the thing feel real. If I’m lucky enough to be traditionally published I’ll be looking for something much more quirky and, if I’m not and I self-publish, I’ll use Damonza.com – about whom I’ve heard very good things. Either way, it doesn’t get any worse than this!

Also on my list of things to do is increase my output of both Flash Fiction and Short Stories. Safe to say it’s going to be a very busy year.

That’s it for now. I promise to have more to share soon but, in the meantime, best wishes for 2019 and keep writing.